You are the reason for Global Warming, Lady

Woman give birth to 8 count em, EIGHT babies at the same time.

The world is over populated and because of your selfish and egotisical needs to reproduce a miniature you, you have successfully contributed more to global warming in one DAY then I will have in 10 years.

Thanks for that. I hope you’re happy.

Also, you’re going to breast feed all of them? Yeah. Fucking. Right. It’ll kill you.

Oh the irony…

Sex offender wins “state lottery” to support STAR.

STAR is Stand Together Against Rape.

Its ironic.

I’m not impressed.

Though apparently he plans to donate another $100,000 to STAR, and I suppose that’s a good thing, considering he raped a little kid a few years back.

I think I’ve seen in on the streets. I hope he doesn’t waste it all on booze. Some how I can see that happening.


Not impressed.

Oh the stories she could tell…

The world’s oldest woman died at age 115.

This is my current life’s goal, and I’m very happy to hear that it’s achievable.

Though, if one is going to live that long, I hope that most of the time was spent productively. Supporting one’s family, and creating a loving environment is important. But so is education and progressive thoughts.

I dunno.

I hope a minute of my life isn’t wasted.