We waited patiently for weeks for this thing to erupt and now it has, and only 3 days after its first explosion, ash is finally heading towards Anchorage.

EEP! Everybody run for your lives!!!!!11


Steven Colbert in Space!

Stephen asked his viewers to vote for his name being placed on a section of the NASA Space Station.

He won. Of course, NASA can still veto his name, the reserved that right, but still. What a way to motivate people.

Now if he could only use his powers for good.

Zac Efron doesn’t do musicals anymore

He’s dropped out of Footloose, according to, which is excellent news, because even though I never watched the original, I simply cannot stand that music and remaking it would have been the worst idea in the world anyway.

Are there no original ideas anymore?


RE: RE: Oh this woman makes me steam!

Ok, so I lied. She cut the funding for the programs I work with. This source came from my supervisor.

Fucking Bitch.


Oh this woman makes me steam!

I work for a non-profit that deals with education, employment, and basically all the things she just decided to cut. A lot of our grant money could be affected by this. I’m kinda pissed right now.

So hopefully our legislature will do the right thing (accept the rest of it, bitch!) and then I can point and laugh at her for being dumb.

She said no to $160 MILLION for EDUCATION because “I don’t want to create more government jobs”

Are you fucking kidding me?


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights

The United States under Bush said, “No. This is not the case. We will not sign this, because somewhere else on this page it says homosexual, and I just can’t have that.”

But the United States under Obama said, “Yes we can.”

*sighs* I love this man.


Everybody is Guilty at Least Once in Their Life

I walked out of Rite Aid once with a Christmas tape under my chin. Once I realized I had it there, I ran back in and apologized profusely to the first employee I could find, (a tall skinny kid with red hair, and bad acne… though I probably figured it was freckles at the time) and begged him not to arrest me.


Glad you were here, see you later. Hopefully.

Som this Methodist Bishop guy seems like a real cool dude. Stood up for the rights of Homo’s everywhere, when it was especially unpopular, back in the 70’s and 80’s. Did some cool things like put an openly gay minister on a pulpit in Colorado.

Unfortunately, we have lost him to the cycle of life. His work lives on, and I hope he will not be forgotten.

He sounds like a real cool dude.


The iPod Game

Teen tries to steal iPod at gun point. Then goes after another. Cause he wants one real bad, I guess.

Something similar but not quite as serious happened to me a few months, back. Actually, it was only a few weeks. But there was no gun. And it wasn’t in Seattle. But he was 17. Does that count?


Re: Girl Scouts; I never was one

It looks like the caught the guy. He’s 17. Kids stealing from kids. Very nice.

Still not impressed.