Will Next Week be the Week?

You know, the week where “everything goes back to normal” and I’m not full of stress and decision making, and cleverly writing things I don’t think I’m qualified to write?

Its weird (I’ve been thinking everything is weird lately) but I’m really starting to hear the thought process in my head. The voices that keep me down, hold me back. Its kind of startling, but the voices: They’re Me. They’re my thoughts in my head, and they are ugly and so common I hardly recognise that they’re there.

I don’t like ’em. They’re not very nice.

Weighed myself on Monday. I was at 317.2. Its time to reassess my priorities again, methinks.


Another excuse: 

I have several email addresses. For the last two months, I’ve been obsessively logged into my main one, because of my priorities. I’m volunteering with the local film film festival this year and must always be ready to see if I have a new task to be completed, or a new meeting to attend.

Most of my time for that is officially over (until decemember) so I’m hoping I’ll be logged into this email address more often once again. I’m more likely to post here if I’m already logged in.

Off to go check my other email!