I think its penomia, but its probably just the flu

I has a sick. I didn’t work yesterday or the day before. I stayed at home, slept, got some homework in, and Zumba’d. Even though I couldn’t breathe, I got some dancing in. It was fun. I couldn’t help myself. I will probably go home today Zumba, and spend the rest of the day sleeping.

I haven’t had much of an appetite lately because of my sick. Its weird, but it always freaks me out when I’m not hungry when I think I should be. I never know quite what to do- should I eat because I haven’t eaten all day? Or should I not eat because I’m not hungry, regardless that I haven’t eaten all day? I ended up not eating for most of the day, then having my entire days worth of calories for dinner. Not that I’ve been counting calories, or anything.

So far today I’ve had a bottle of water, and about 1/3 of a 16 oz. raspberry mocha. If I finish the mocha, it’ll be a miracle. Not that I particularly need the empty calories, but again, I can’t go all day not eating anything, right?

My life has taken me in some bold directions this year. I’m hoping next year will be even more exciting and epic than this one. More importantly, I don’t want to be at the same place last year that I was this year. I mean, I don’t want to be around 300 pounds in May. /random

Love Zumba!

I tried Zumba officially for the first day. It was sitting on my doorstep, waiting for me to take it in from the cold. My friend picked me up from work, so I was unable to immediately put it in and see what it was like. But that didn’t keep me from it. Seconds after my friend left, I turned on my DVD player and popped the first disk in. Some of the steps were familiar to me, because of my previous unofficial practice sessions online in the last week. Others were new, and some were down right difficult. But the music is enchanting, easy to find a rhythm. It reminded me to actually look for a rhythm while moving my body. Before I realized it, 30 minutes had gone by. I feel awesome. I don’t actually want to stop right now, but I can feel my body getting tired (Its been a while since its been used like this- I will probably feel it in the morning) and I have homework and sleep that needs attending. Hopefully I will wake up refreshed tomorrow and ready to do it again. I’m actually counting the minutes til I get to Zumba again!

Jumping on the Zumba Train

Baah! I don’t want to be a sheep! Bahhh!

I tried Zumba for the first time today. I did a basic step introduction, then a 9 minute video posted on youtubes. I’ve been watching the commercials, and even watched a few other videos online before I decided to try it out. I’m not the most coordinated of people, and Zumba is dancing so I figured there would have to be an amount of coordination required to participate. After trying the basic step introduction, which neither left me encouraged or discouraged, I moved on to an actual routine that was 9 minutes long. It was like dancing in my kitchen, only I didn’t make up the moves.

I love dancing in my kitchen. It is one of my most favorite things ever. And even though I couldn’t quite keep up, it was okay because I knew it would come with practice, but more importantly, it was so much fun. I didn’t feel out of my element. In that short time I actually wanted to see how much more I could do. I’m buying it tonight when I get home.

Speaking of purchases, I’ve purchased quite a few things in the last couple of weeks. I had a windfall of student loan money, and decided to get caught up on things that had been slagging. What I’ve noticed is while I have no problem buying things that I want and need, this thing, this Zumba purchase, that could potentially change my life (if I let and use it and such) I keep hesitating. What if it doesn’t work? What if its too hard or I get frustrated? What if it does work like a miracle and I don’t know how to adjust? What if it just gathers dust because “I don’t have enough time”?  
Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me. The fact is, I tried it this morning and I liked it. Why shouldn’t I buy it? I’ve bought numerous things without trying it first. And if it sits on my shelf collecting dust, then thats one more thing that collects dust in my house. But I don’t think it will this time. I don’t want it to be this time.

Have you tried Zumba? Did you go to class or do you do it at home? Or both? Did you love it or just like it?

I just ate an emotion cookie.

I had to do a presentation just now for my work- explaining the services, going over interviews etc. etc. I don’t do presentations. They make me nervous. While I relaxed quite a bit during the process, I know it could have gone better. Perhaps I should stop being hard on myself; it was my first time, afterall.

I rewarded myself with a giant chocolate chip cookie. It was gobbled down, and soothed me for about 20 seconds. I’m not going to beat myself up about that either. I recognize it for what it is, and I’m going to move on. It was an emotion cookie. I ate my emotions.