When in Doubt, Put on your Shoes

While sitting at my desk at work, it was all I could do to keep from pulling out my hair. My heart wanted to race, and my body wanted to sweat, but I was stuck monitoring an empty room, watching the minutes roll by.

Okay. mostly I was hanging out on twitter and playing angry birds, but still; empty room, minutes twirling down the drain.

Fur Rondy, Anchorage 2011. I LOVE this town.

Then finally it was time to make my escape! I was driven home by a coworker, and went inside. I looked over some slightly frustrating mail, used the restroom, then sat down at my computer in  my room.

I didn’t move for nearly an hour.

Where was my drive that I had experienced beforehand? Surely it was in there somewhere. It seemed so much easier to continue watching my twitter, and eventually make my way into bed. Instead, I read off my affirmations, got up, put on some workout clothes and went back down stairs. I told myself, just put on your shoes. You’ll be ready to “move your body, shake it shake it!” as soon as you put on your shoes.

So I did. And then I did. It was exactly what I had wanted. It may have taken me an hour to start, but I did it and I feel awesome.

Affirmation #11) I love exercising. I love sweating.

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