Aaaannd, I’m back!

So last week was a week of misery. I was sick. I don’t go to docotors unless I’m already dead so I can’t tell you what I was sick with, but I have it cornered off and mushed under lots of OTC’s so hopefully it will forfeit and I can go back to my regularly scheduled c25k.

Monday of course I will not be working out, due to a full day or work and school. Tuesday on the other hand, I can absolutely see myself heading off to the gym first thing in the morning. Depending on how I feel, I’ll keep the workout short. I don’t want to wear myself out before I’m 100% again. Though this begs the question, do I do the elliptical, or the c25k? Usually I do both. Perhaps I’ll throw a new machine in to mix it up. I did just get some new music which I’m very excited about.

On friday (and possibly thursday night) I’ll be celebrating my friend’s birthday, so I defintely want to get in as many workouts as possible this week. Who knows what kind of food and drinks I’ll be tempted into consuming.

So considering that I took all of last week off, and allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted regardless of my rules, I actually managed to lose .8 pounds, putting my current weight as of this morning at 297. I finally broke back into the 200’s!

I can’t wait to start moving again. This being sick thing is a lame. Do you have any goals for this week?