Yesterdy was my friends birthday and we went out to lunch, followed by 4 hours walking around the museum. Then dinner at a teppenaki resturant. It was delicious and I accidemtly stuffed myself. Luckily my body decided to rid the excess as quickly as possible.

Tmi? Welcome to my blog.

Today I went to the gym despite the sore hamstrings. Im pretty impressed I havent developed shinsplints yet. I did last summer (at the end of summer) and they laid me low. Im trying to take the c25k slower this time to prevent such injuries, though I am quite pleased that today I completed w2d3! Next week however involves three mintutes of running and I don’t think I’m quite ready for it, mostly because of how difficult it is becoming to breathe. I’m not really sure what I sound like because of my headphones, but I am finding it difficult to keep it steady or consistent. I really feel like this is something I should start preparing myself for before I advance much further because I’m afraid it’ll cause me to burn out when the increased running times make it harder than it already is.

So my question for all you runners is: how do you breathe when you run?