Improptu Walk

Today my friend asked me if I was going on the MS walk on saturday. I responded, “What? There is a walk happening that I don’t know about? How can this be?”

As we were texting to get the details, I registered myself for it. It didn’t even occur to me to not participate. Registration is free, though they do encourage walker/runners to donate/fundraise. I’m no good at that, so I’ll probably give them a handful of dollars and call it a day.

This walk is taking place around Lake Hood in Anchorage, AK. In the past I live relatively close to it, and use to walk up to the restricted access sign and then turn back around. I’m pretty sure this course is going to lead us all the way around this time which excites me to no end. I hope I get to take some pictures. Lake Hood is the countries busiest float plane lake. The statisitcs have failed me as its nearly 1am and I have to be up in 6 hours, but last I hear, I was pretty impressed.

My eating today was delicious. I did not count calories, and if I had, I would probably hate myself for it. I’m trying this thing where I don’t attach guilt to the food I eat. Its difficult at the best of times, and today was pretty okay. It helps when I plan out my days meals in advance, and I didn’t do that for today. It probably won’t happen for tomorrow either.

On that note, I’m going to try to get my sleep on and prepare for tomorrow! Have a great night or beautiful day!

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