The Good Days and The Bad Days

Food wise, this has been a very good week. While I didn’t “count” calories, I know I stayed pretty well within my guidelines I’ve created for myself. I’ve also had a great week of exercise. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I killed it at the gym, Thursday I made sure to get an endorphin release after walking three miles and climbing 400 stairs didn’t do the trick. Tonight is Zumba at the bar.

Today has been absolutely gorgeous. I met one of my friends for lunch at Uncle Joe’s Pizzeria where I had a very saucy piece of pepperoni and a side salad. Afterward we went to get some ice cream. I got a waffle cone double scoop. For breakfast I had a delicious raspberry mocha and cheese coffee cake.

Ultimately, I know I should have made wiser decisions regarding today’s food intake, and I know I say this all the time. What I’m hoping for eventually is that the wiser decisions I make will become more prevalent in the very soon future.

So does that make today a bad day? Only compared to some, I guess. 

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