Habits vs. Routine

A couple of days ago, a fellow blogger Smaller Fun Pants posted about the topic: Habits vs. Routines and it got me thinking. What do I do out of habit? What is my routine? And when one or the other is interrupted, how does that effect my life?

For instance, I had a pretty good routine going where I got up at 7, caught a bus at 8, worked out until 9:30 went home, got ready for work and left. I had a smoothie for second breakfast, and usually some sort of clif bar for first breakfast. I would eat around 3, walk home, cook dinner around 9, and be in bed by midnight, ready to start my day all over again.

I think because of the routine, working out in the morning has become habit.Including vegetables and protein in my breakfast has become habit (yay green monster smoothies!)

But then my schedule changed. I no longer have time to work out in the morning; I’m home from work by 6. Evening workouts don’t really compute so I don’t really do them. My routine has been interrupted, so instead of trying to create a new routine, and new habits I’ve allowed myself to “take the time off” until things get “more situated”. And while I still try to have some sort of vegetable and/or grain for breakfast, its becoming difficult.


Life is never going to be situated as well as one hopes in order to start trying new things, but we mustn’t let that get in the way of living, right?

Starting today there will be a change in attitude. No more putting things off because its inconvenient. No more waiting for a more opportune time to get things done. Adapting must happen, or all hard work goes out the window.

photo by DirectDish

Did I mention I’m going to Hawaii in less than 6 weeks?

What are your habits? What are your routines?


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