Run For Good 5k 2011

The Run for good 5k on Saturday was a lesson in discipline. These last few weeks have had me slacked off and scared to achieving success through exercise. On Friday  the day before the race I went to happy hour.

And got drunk.

The next morning I did not awake bright eyed and bushy tailed. There was nothing I could bribe myself out of bed with, just the knowledge I had spent 17 dollars I didn’t really have to attend a race i didn’t really want to go to. Before the last minute arrived, I called a cab and made my way to the start line.

I did not research the course. If I had, I probably would not have gone. It was 2 laps of 1.5 miles around downtown. I used all my energy (mind you, I was already running on empty) for the first lap. When I realized I had to make a second lap I wondered if I should just stop and go home instead.

I didn’t. I kept pluggin’ along. I tried making a game out of the songs that played. I would walk one song, run one song. It varied a bit, but I think its safe to say I jogged at least half of the race. The sun was out, and bearing down on my face, and every step felt like lifting dead weights, not to mention I was starving… and hungover. Finally the finish line appeared and I sucked up every last ounce of muster I had and ran through it.

47:57. I’m getting better all the time.

They had a pretty sweet (if small) expo after and I snagged as much fruit as I could hold in my hands, and promptly devoured it. A lady walked up to me and offered me congratulations and said something I never thought anyone would say: “I tried so hard to keep up with you, but I just couldn’t, there at the end. Good job!”

Run for Good, indeed.


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