Its the End of the World as we Know it!

3 things happened.

1) I woke up this morning with the very intense need to find a dentist. My back molar has completely fallen out.
2)Read in the paper that the Supreme Court ruled that Corporations did not need to limit their spending on political campaigns. They are free to run their own campaign, for or against any elected politician they choose.
3)I had an insurance meeting this afternoon. They are decreasing my benefits which up til this point, they have paid for entirely. Vision, Medical, Dental. They removing the dental insurance, and we are now being charged $50 pre-taxed a month on average for our decreased higher deductible insurance. I have until March 15th to see a doctor before my insurance runs out.

See how it relates to the universe?

If only we had a public option, or a third option that was not going to rob me blind, or wouldn’t cost my employer so much, wouldn’t that have been nice? The filibuster is gone; Corporations now get to buy their congressmen and, senators and, PRESIDENTS and, mayors to decide everything.

There is a revolution coming. A revolution for the ages. How can we as people survive being owned? How can we stay the united states of America, if the companies we become owned by are on foreign soil? Where is our Sovereignty as a nation? Our own Supreme Court sold us out to Big Market.

The only way to survive is to fight or flee. The Jihadist’s are winning. We are destroying ourselves. This country is destroying itself with this constant junk media and need for instant gratification. We are discovering the end of our existence. Is there a way out of this? Is there a way to fix this grave injustice to democracy and free will?