Some say the Apocolypse is a’comin’…

… and others say its just evolution. I don’t care either way. But its been a very busy weekend.
GOP Maine Senator behaves in a dumb fashion, out of touch with the realities of today by voting to strip pandemic monies from stimulus fund, Mexico becomes diseased with Swine Flu, which we can’t protect ourselves from because of Maine, then has an earthquake, Ms. California still doesn’t get the punchline, probably because she’s trying to smell a scratch n’ sniff at the bottom of a pool.

Good news though, Gays are lining up in Iowa to get married, because their state government doesn’t suck as much as the rest of the country’s (certain states excluded, of course).

It looks like rain outside, and that makes me sad. I hope I don’t get sick.

Could this be the beginning of the end for Amazon?

I’m sure it won’t get that bad. But from where I’m sitting, I feel as though we are on the edge of a precarious cliff, and this could be what makes the Fight for Equality go either way.

An Author, Mark Probst has noticed sales rankings being stripped from LGBTQ books on Amazon.

This is going to be huge.

Welcome home to the slums

Did you have a nice trip seeing how the rest of the world lives?

Education is important. Its beyond important, and giving these children a reason to stay in school is wonderful. But if we’re grossing millions and millions of dollars, and these kids, who led you to 9 Oscar awards, only recieve thousands at most, then what are we telling them? What are we telling the world about the worth of your origins?

This story makes me want to cry. They’re happy to be home, and yet now they know. They really know what they are missing. And maybe they don’t want it. But maybe when one’s mom gets sick and dies because of lack of healthcare, or a building crumbles on top during an earth quake that kills millions of others, they might become angry because it’ll take years to pick up those pieces. The potential resentment here is staggering.

Sean Penn

I know its been posted a million times before, but I love it. Him and Mr. Black were so inspiring I felt like my blog was empty without posting their acceptance speeches. I haven’t seen Milk yet, but I’m excited about it, and I hope to see it soon. Congratulations to Mr. Penn and Mr. Black for their Oscar wins.

Oh the stories she could tell…

The world’s oldest woman died at age 115.

This is my current life’s goal, and I’m very happy to hear that it’s achievable.

Though, if one is going to live that long, I hope that most of the time was spent productively. Supporting one’s family, and creating a loving environment is important. But so is education and progressive thoughts.

I dunno.

I hope a minute of my life isn’t wasted.

Too Old

I think people having babies should be stopped. Everyone is always talking about our carbon footprints by driving around, and making waste, and blah blah blah, we’re all gonna die because we’re making the world too hot. Thing is, if people stopped having babies, and the rate of death stayed steady for a good deacade or two, we would probably be just fine. And then the current generation could start repopulating, and maybe the world would be saved.

Answer to global warming. Stop having babies.

Or, we can be selfish like this woman.