When Change Rains, it Pours

On Wednesday last week, I tweeted about not having any real defined goals. So, over this weekend, I decided to define them. But first, a weekend recap.

Friday I was supposed to go to a concert a local bar, but I just felt horrible all day, so I stayed home and tried to get some rest. Saturday, my friend who recently came home from Afghanistan via the Army came into town and I took her to see Avenue Q. Avenue Q, for those who don’t know, is a wonderfully subversive musical with Jim Henson like puppets, and Gary Coleman as played by a woman. It is fantastic. I was really happy to be able to take her to something that was so hilariously upbeat considering some of the subjects they hit upon. And I worried that being in the middle of the row, and having a full audience might cause her some panic but she handled the whole thing pretty well.

Afterward, we went to Spenard Roadhouse for dinner, which is one of my favorite restaurants in town. Its very eclectic, casual, and trendy. Family oriented, but serves all your favorite alcoholic drinks. I don’t eat out often, but when I do, I try to come here. I love it. For dinner I had a veggie sandwich (apparently I am not a fan of fontina cheese- who knew) and split pea and ham soup (cause I’m a flexitarian now and I can eat meat when I eat out). Oh yes, and an order of super tots, which are possibly deadly. Tater tots topped with chives, green onions, cheddar cheese, bacon and sour cream.  We talked about all sorts of things, caught up on everything she’d missed while she was gone. She told me she started running while overseas, and I mentioned to her my goal of running a 5k by the end of the summer. She’s being stationed in Hawaii, and so, plans started forming in my head.

Because we had gone to the early show, when dinner was over, it was still kinda early, so we headed off to the movies and watched No Strings Attached. Did I love it? Of course I did. I love Natalie Portman and most romantic comedies. My friend dropped me off afterwards, and I comptemplated cleaning my kitchen. I think I watched How I Met Your Mother and went to bed instead.

It was a great day, but I couldn’t help but notice how much of the day I spent sitting. I didn’t particularly want to sit, but I couldn’t think of anything that sounded remotely fun that didn’t involves lots of sitting.

Sunday was my day of rest. Of course by day of rest, I mean it was my day of cleaning and school work, and watching Sarah Marshall twice- once with commentary and once without. For brunch I had easy mac and a fiber plus bar. I wanted to cook something, but my kitchen is half destroyed right now cause I can’t seem to wash all my dishes in one go, so I ordered an extra large pizza instead. Why? I don’t know. It seemed easier, I guess. I ordered a garlic veggie supreme and mozzarella sticks. (THIS IS HOW PEOPLE STAY FAT, JSYK). I ate half of it before forcing myself to go to bed.

The good news though. After my conversation with my friend, I started looking at races happening in Hawaii around my birthday. The closest one I could find is the Maui Marathon on Sept. 18th this year. I am going. My mother is going. My friend is going. Its going to be great.

Now, if you are actually viewing my blog, you might notice a new widget on the right side of the screen. Its to raise money for the Warmth Walk sponsored by United Way Anchorage on Feburary 19th. I will be walking. Its only a mile, and should go pretty quickly, but I thought it would be a nice way to get excited for Break Up (known in other parts of the country as “Spring”) and the Summer to come! So if anyone would like to donate some dollars, your help is much appreciated.

So to recap. Short term and long term goals have been defined:

Short term: Walk for Warmth; getting as physically ready for c25k as possible
Medium term: Womens Walk for Cure (or some such thing in May); start/complete c25k; other races as applicable
Long term: Flying my mother and myself to Maui for the 41st Maui Marathon in Sept (I’m going to walk/run the 1/2).; maintaining flexitarianism, make healthy food choices; see consistent weight loss.

This is going to be a great summer.

Food Log 1/20/11

Single serving brie, sesame crackers, half an apple.

Peanut butter oatmeal m&m chocolate chip cookie (1 large cookie, just so that’s clear. I was confused too.) two cups veggie spanish rice with cheese, diet coke.

1 piece cake, 3 stalks broccoli, 1 baby carrot, 3 snap peas, dip, one cup of punch.

1.5 cups veggie spanish rice with cheese and sour cream.


20 mins Zumba.

My work has an alternative high school that has a mid school year graduation. 10 students graduated, 5 of them showed up this year. I acted as photographer 2.  It was really beautiful. I am always inspired by these kids who go through hell to get their diploma, but do it anyway. They don’t know just how amazing their achievement is at that point. The day you receive your diploma is the day people take you just a little more seriously. I’m so proud of all of them, and really happy that I got to be apart of their success.

Food log 1/16/11

half of three banana chocolate chip pancakes, a cup of almond milk, 3 scrambled eggs with 1/2 cup hashbrowns.

The other half of those three awesomely declious pancakes

3 short spare ribs which were absolutely to die for and creamy Parmesan polenta, a blackberry shag (vodka and sprite, blackberries), a partial serving of super tater tots, and a s’more. So delicious.


I went out to dinner with my friends, after wandering around the museum for two hours with their kids. It was a fantastic night. The two year old put his hands on an Andy Warhol! OMG. I’ve always wanted to do that.

Food Log 1/6/11

a failed attempt at box mac and cheese. took about 6 bites before I threw the rest away. (I blame its cheap quality and will insist til my departing that it was not me over boiling, it was the cheap waterlogged noodles.)

Italian veggie sandwich on sourdough,
2 servings of kettle chips,
vitamin water zero,
Large Chocolate chip cookie.

frozen Mac and Cheese (Eating Right) dinner,
2 tablespoons creamcheese frosting,
1/2 cup chocolate soymilk,
3/4 cup trailmix,
100 cal pack of oreos.

20 minutes Zumba

Food Log 1/3/11

Bowl of cereal- half Kashi Go Lean Crunch, half Special K red Berries with chocolate soy milk

Mushroom flavored rice bowl and two servings of wheat thins


two small shell quesodillas, with two tablespoons sour cream. 2 diet cherry cokes, two poptarts with cream cheese frosting, two cups of chocolate soy milk, 100 cal pack of oreos with a spoon full of creamcheese frosting, half a cup of orange juice, Healthy Choice chicken balsamic pasta.

I think.

food log 12/28/2010

20 oz. mocha,
2 day old mixed berry muffins.

1 large banana
two chicken tacos made with brown rice, fiesta vegetables, avacado, sour cream and three tablespoons of cheese.
2 20 oz sodas

20 squats, .75 mile walk

I’m trying to eat all the meat up in my house because as of New Years, I’m going vegetarian. I miss it. I’ve missed it since I left it nearly 5 years ago. I always swore as soon as my life calmed down, I would go back to it. I don’t forsee my life becoming more calm than it is now. I’ll have to come up with a nice long post and tell you about my first winter in Alaska when I went crazy. Its quite the tale.