I. Am. Brilliant.

I headed up north, and I though of you. I though how I would get close, but not really and I was surprised that the sun was still up while my mind was winding down, down down away from the drama, my friends and their emotions bouncing in waves on to me, making me uncomfortable. I thought perhaps if I stretched my hand out from Healy and you stretched yours from Barrow, in some cosmic plane we would meet up and not feel so alone – perhaps Barrow would become bearable if only for a moment.

And then I fell and sprained my ankle.

So gay

In repsonse to Bent Alaska asking us to email the new Mayor dude, Sullivan, I wrote this:

Im going to make this short. You have an opportunity to show this city and this state and this country that Anchorage cares about all of its citizens and their right to be treated equally under the law. The law does not currently protect rental situations and employment situations where I were honest to my landlord or supervisor found out I identify myself as queer, I could be kicked out of my apartment and fired from my job. This is a very real threat to me.

Some might say to not put myself in a situation where that is a possibility. I say you have the ability to make those potential situations an impossibility.

This crossroads is offering you a chance to make a right decision. Protect your grandchildren and your friends and family. Please treat the LGBT community equal to everyone else in this state.

Thank you for your time.