Some say the Apocolypse is a’comin’…

… and others say its just evolution. I don’t care either way. But its been a very busy weekend.
GOP Maine Senator behaves in a dumb fashion, out of touch with the realities of today by voting to strip pandemic monies from stimulus fund, Mexico becomes diseased with Swine Flu, which we can’t protect ourselves from because of Maine, then has an earthquake, Ms. California still doesn’t get the punchline, probably because she’s trying to smell a scratch n’ sniff at the bottom of a pool.

Good news though, Gays are lining up in Iowa to get married, because their state government doesn’t suck as much as the rest of the country’s (certain states excluded, of course).

It looks like rain outside, and that makes me sad. I hope I don’t get sick.

Kids: They’re mean

Lately there has been an influx of suicides, amongst teens for being bullied. We heard about two in the last month. Each were only 10, 12 years old.

Now, we have another one. Alas, not a human, but a moose.

Yes. A moose has committed suicide after being harassed badly by local students.

Bullying needs to stop. Seriously. There are no words.

17 Again. Another generic goes back to former high school self and saves his family from impending doom, by realizing that 1) going back is never an option, 2) there might actually be a reason his family hates him, and 3) the big gesture will always win in the end.

Zac Efron (my new future husband- move over Gale Harold!) stars in this coming to age (one more time, because the first time didn’t stick) story, along side Leslie Mann and Matthew Perry.

Speaking of Matthew Perry; if Zac ends up looking like him in 20 years, I’ll be very upset, indeed.

I went and saw 17 Again over the weekend. The theater was mostly empty at 11:30am, but apparently grossed $24 million dollars and came in number one. This is all very exciting.

If you want to see a cute happily ever after, with some great cougar and incest moments, and best friend sidekicks stealing the show, then this is it.

Could this be the beginning of the end for Amazon?

I’m sure it won’t get that bad. But from where I’m sitting, I feel as though we are on the edge of a precarious cliff, and this could be what makes the Fight for Equality go either way.

An Author, Mark Probst has noticed sales rankings being stripped from LGBTQ books on Amazon.

This is going to be huge.

Its like a Twofer!

So, the Obama Admisitration is being totally hip by inviting an unknown ammount of gay, lesbian, transgender, queer families to the White House’s annual Easter Egg Hunt this year.

The hunt has been happening for many years, (though this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it- go figure) and I guess the LGBTQ clique has been not present for most of those years. Joe.My.God. mentioned that the LGBTQ clique was invited in 2006, just to be shunned by the crazy right wing people, and allegedly ruined the event for everyone.

Whatever, whatever.

I really hope that Obama isn’t teasing us, treating us like equals to make us feel equal, but in the long run still denying us those last few civil rights we’ve been fighting for, for so long.

This is the best news I’ve heard all year!

… Regarding Gale Harold, that is. On May 3rd (a month from now!), Mr. Harold will be returning to Desperate Housewives to reprise his role as Jackson Braddock. Gale has been MIA the last six months due to a motorcycle accident that took place just days after my birthday and ruined the rest of the week for me.

Me and my fangirl friends are thrilled. Pictures of him were released last week of him attending an Oscars party. He looked pretty rough. He looked sallow. Which is not how we like to think of him.

I’m excited!!!! *squeals*